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Young Thug “Spaghetti Factory”

Young Thug “Spaghetti Factory”

A couple months back, Metro Boomin stopped by the office to chop it up with the team and play some of the new material he’d been working on. Most of the tracks, he revealed, were slated to appear on his highly anticipated collaborative project with Young Thug, Metro Thuggin. At the time, we weren’t privy to the song titles, but later found out we had heard early snippets of “Warrior” and “Speed Racer,” amongst others.

Today, we came across another track Metro shared during the listening session, “Spaghetti Factory.” Chuckling, Metro made sure to point out Young Thug’s use of “spaghetti” and how dope it was that Thugger could take such a simple word and shape it into a theme. It’s true: Young Thug makes spaghetti sound like some ghoulish and highly addictive dish fit for a lean-sipping vampire.

Admittedly, I can’t understand what Thugger is saying halfway through this track, but I’m just going to assume it’s, “I want some spaghetti.”

[h/t Illroots]

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