Young Thug Says He Signed To Cash Money

I took a selfie with Young Thug outside of a New Orleans club and he answered the question of the century.

If only I had on my Birdman shirt. That’s all I could think about when I peaked into the red Maybach with Cash Money’s CEO sitting in the driver seat. Maybe, just maybe, he would have invited me in the club, popped some bottles, and given me a GTV bottle chain. Instead, he was dismissive and uninterested, probably upset that not one security guard was smart enough to remove me from the situation. The lesson here: ALWAYS wear your Birdman shirt. Especially when you’re in New Orleans for NBA All-Star weekend and it’s Birdman’s birthday. Royal fuck up on my part.

But the celebrity sighting wasn’t a complete fail. It was actually better than I could have imagined. In the passenger seat of the red Maybach was Atlanta’s rising star Young Thug, author of millennial anthems “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.” I am a massive Thug enthusiast and immediately geeked-the-fuck-out and drunkenly screamed, “I FEEL LIKE FABO” repeatedly (something he probably will deal with for the rest of his life). Young Thug showed love, though. As soon as he hopped out of the Maybach there I was; overly eager with my phone out ready to snap as many pics as possible. I was fortunate enough to get a selfie with homeboy and it was the highest honor. Thank you kind sir.

Once I came to my senses, I realized that this siting was more than just two rappers going out to the club. They’re a ton of rumors swirling around the hip hop blogosphere that Thug is signing to Cash Money. From Instagram posts to GTV bottle chains, Birdman has been giving Thugger a lot of shine recently. Thug has reciprocated it tweeting out “Rich Gang….. YMCMB family.” But even with all of the love between the two nothing is official. So after the selfie, I staged an impromptu interview that consisted of me yelling questions and him paying me no mind. I’m sure the same would have happened if we’d scheduled an interview, so this wasn’t even that upsetting.

But he did perk up when I asked him if he officially signed to Cash Money. “Yo, is it official now? Are you signed to Cash Money?” Young Thug immediately turned away from about 50 flashing lights, searched for the dude who asked him what seemed to be the dumbest question in the world, and said, “Yeah. I signed.” Hearing this made my night, my weekend, my fucking year. Cash Money is a perfect place for Thug to grow, remain sexually elusive, and best of all make music with the dudes running hip hop right now. Drake, Young Thug, Lil Wayne all in one studio. I’m going to let you think on that while I pick up the pieces of my skull.

Young Thug telling me he signed to Cash Money doesn’t make it 100%, but it’s the first time we’re hearing anything definitive on the matter from the dude himself. If I had more time with Thug maybe I could have asked the poignant questions. How much did Birdman pay you? Do you have a matching Maybach? Will a photo surface of you and Birdman kissing at some point? Thug if you want to do a formal interview holla at me.

Young Thug Cash Money

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