Young Thug releases the track "Eww"

Young Thug “Eww”

Appropriately titled.

Young Thug changes pace with the Southside-produced track “Eww,” a departure from his his melodic, greenery-loving, 808-infused hit “Stoner.”

Sadly, “Eww” is a bit too appropriately titled.

The song does not evoke “Danny Glover” level energy, or even that of Thugger’s newer material like “Bricks.” Full of indecipherable auto-tune from the start of the track, Young Thug manages to string together a consecutive list of words that rhyme, leading up to the highly questionable, Confucius-like wisdom, “you can suck my pickle for a nickel.”

Drake is rumored to be on the official version of “Eww,” but your boy might wanna reconsider, unless he plans on going full “Versace” with this thing.

Check out “Eww” below, and let us know what you think.

Young Thug releases the track "Eww"

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