Young Thug “1017 Thug 2” Mixtape

Young Thug continues to have a lot of fun confusing people about his label affiliations.

Young Thug dropped his latest track “1017 Lifestyle” yesterday (not to be confused with Rich Gang’s track featuring Young Thug, “Lifestyle”). Clearly, he’s continuing to have a lot of fun confusing people about his label affiliations (including us). But on his latest tape uploaded by Gucci Mane 1017 Thug 2 Thugga is clearly reppin’ 1017 Brick Squad.

Unfortunately the tape is about as slap-dash as it’s terrible cover (which FACT have pointed out is actually a poorly-photoshopped image of Wiz Khalifa). A mixture of failed attempts at being menacing like “Let Up”, terrible Soundcloud rap ballads like “Oh Yah” and “Strange Things” and C4-produced should-be bangers that just don’t slap like they really should (see: “Trigger Finger”).  The crucial thing is that Thugga is willing to work, and his output is pretty much unbeaten at the moment (except of course for TheBasedGod) but perhaps he has outgrown his 1017 affiliations and should try working more with YMCMB and Grand Hustle.


And here’s some classic Thugga for the true fans:

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