Family Swank: Young Lungs

16-year-old Canadian rapper Young Lungs waxes poetic on what it's like to be from the 'Loo.

Name: Young Lungs
Age: 16
Sign: Capricorn
Swank: Rapper
Peep his bandcamp: YoungLungs98

Young Lungs Family Swank 

Like Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, and Carly Rae Jepsen, this week’s Swanker hails from our neighbor way, way up north. 16-year-old Waterloo native Young Lungs is currently making a name for himself in Canada’s underground hip hop scene. In this week’s edition of Family Swank, Lungs tells us about his favorite artists, how his hometown shapes his sound, and the truth behind his stage name.

Mass Appeal: Last October, you came out with a video for your song “The Vision.” In it, you speak about girls in your past, friends, memories, and how you’ve got to stay on your grind to get somewhere in life. Since then, would you say that your vision has manifested into something real?

Young Lungs: I think that it is currently in the process of manifesting right now. I haven’t reached the point where I want to be yet, but I am starting to see some more recognition and have been getting love on blogs that I have aspired to be on. I’m just getting started, so there will be a lot more coming from me in the future.

MA:  In “Goodbye,” off your mixtape Early Bloomer, you rap about the difficulty of being a 16-year-old rapper. Who have been the most supportive figures on your road to success so far?

YL: My homies for sure. They’re all going through the same shit as me, so it’s easy to relate. We all want to make music together because we love to do it, and if it takes us somewhere, then that would be a bonus.

MA: How’d you acquire your stage name Young Lungs?

YL: I got the name “Young Lungs” from my brother. I started smoking weed in the 6th grade, and so he wrote young lungs on a birthday card as a joke [Laughs]. The name kind of just stuck from there. That’s all I can say about that.

MA: Outside of music, what is a truth about you that others may find surprising?

YL: I’ve been playing soccer all my life; that’s pretty random.

MA: Which emcees have inspired you the most in the rap game?

YL: I grew up listening to a lot of Curren$y, Young Roddy, Dom Kennedy and others, but recently I’ve been getting into more underground artists like Pouya, Two-9, and Alive Since Forever. The underground rap scene has a lot of talent right now.

Young Lungs Performing

MA: Although you’re still young, do you have any words of wisdom for others kids who may want to follow in your footsteps?

YL: I guess just to do your own thing. Don’t bite someone else’s style because it looks cool; just make your own. Also, don’t spam your music, that’s annoying. If people want to listen, they will. There’s nothing worse than some dude shoving mediocre music down your throat. There’s too much of that.

MA: Finish this sentence: One day, I will collab with _______.

YL: Young Roddy definitely. I’ve been a big fan of Curren$y, Roddy, and Trademark since the 6th grade. I actually met Curren$y and Roddy at a concert in Toronto, so it would be a dope experience to work with either of them.

MA: What’s good with your hometown of Waterloo, Canada population just shy of 100,000? How has that influenced your sound and your subject matter?

YL: Waterloo has influenced my sound and subject matter because my friends and I have grown up here. We’ve done a lot of dumb stuff, so I have a lot to talk about. Also, my friends and I have a similar style of music so we kind of established the sound we want to work towards.

MA: Since the release of Early Bloomer, you’ve come out with some tracks. Can we expect another mixtape sometime soon? Maybe an album?

YL: Yeah, I’m actually almost done with a new project I’ve been working on called Eastbridge Blvd. There’s no release date for that but it’s coming very soon. Also, I have a new music video dropping with the homie Kori Vision. Keep your eyes out for both of those…

MA: What’s the last book you read?

YL: The last book I read was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. I don’t really read that much though.

MA: Where do you want your music to take you?

YL: I really just want to keep on making music with my friends and get better. If we make something out of it, that would be dope, but we’d be content just doing music for the love of it. Also, I would like to move somewhere dope with my friends. That would be ideal.

Young Lungs blue light on the couch

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