Guru Glass Studio Flow

Young Guru Through Google Glass

Jason Goldwatch teams up with legendary producer Young Guru to showcase Google Glass' extensive music capabilities.

I’ll never forget it. Guru and I were at USC, I was listening, he was giving a lecture and was asked about “the recent success of a certain hip hop musician’s single.”

His answer was profound. He said that in addition to the actual piece of material being powerful, the thing he was most impressed by, was it having its “moment in time.” He made a point about how fast, and self consuming, and fickle human consciousness has become. Because the Internet has brought us all together, and has also sped time up in some strange kind of way where nothing really ever “lasts” anymore. It’s hard for something to make a mark in todays instantaneous History Channel of life.

A month ago I was invited to create a film with Young Guru, Anomaly and Google Glass. The idea was to illustrate the forward functionality of a hands-free face computer, while also making a piece of “content” that could stand alone, break rules, and be remembered.

It’s a rare occurrence when you get to be a part of something very special. It was a complete honor to work with Glass, Anomaly and Young Guru on this piece, which was both “about” and “shot on” Glass, a spanking new tech device that will undoubtedly change the way we interact with the universe outside of our face. Guru was a consummate professional who keeps it exceptionally real and also thinks way outside the Earth.

After spending two days with him shooting in Los Angeles, I consider him a Brother, a Guru, and now a collaborator.

Friends and foes may I present: “YOUNG GURU Through Google GLASS.”

Young Guru Google Glass in the studio
Young Guru Google Glass
Guru Glass Studio Flow

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