Young Guru on “Crate Diggers”

Jay-Z's longtime engineer and general long time rap contributor Young Guru shares his vinyl hunting techniques, how to build a collection as vast as his, and why he doesn't sort anything by genre.

Fuse tapped Young Guru for the latest installment of their “Crate Diggers” series, and the long time Jay-Z engineer kicked wisdom to all vinyl connoisseurs out there. After detailing a story of Amsterdam digging — presumably in response to what his craziest digging experience was — Guru explains how living with his parents and in different states influenced his musical tastes.

As for organization, Young Guru keeps a master file list and separates his records alphabetically (not by genre), claiming to not know the full extent of his collection. “I remember situations and I remember background stories and I remember album covers,” he said. “I can’t spit off to you every single record that I have. When people say ‘How many records are in your collection,’ I’m like, ‘You actually sat down and counted?’ Who has time for that? I have four kids, I don’t have time to count my records.”

Later in the clip, he explains not to discount bands like U2 and AC/DC when looking for samples, and how to start a library as extensive as his. “Start off, go through your parents’ stuff,” he says, before suggesting you then follow specific artists throughout their various projects and eventually expand your reach to international sounds.

Take heed young record collectors, and press play on the 13 minute clip.

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