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Young-and-Comers: Five Hip Hop Acts To Watch

Young-and-Comers: Five Hip Hop Acts To Watch


It’s fair to say in 2013 hip hop has come full circle. The rap fans that grew up on Biggie and Pac have had more than a decade to grow with the ever-evolving roster of hip hop crews that have emerged across the country since. The current generation of rap fans also grew up with the internet, spawning a new breed of fans. Rap music is more diverse and exciting than ever. With the help of a thriving internet community of supporters and enthusiasts, hometown heroes have been catapulted into worldwide success stories virtually overnight. Not only has the ability to go viral changed completely, so has the prototypical “rapper.” From Swedish teens rapping about their love of Hennessy and promethazine to Miami rappers melding Caribbean roots with southern swag and a healthy dose of trap. We’ve put together a list of standout youngins you need in your hip hop lexicon. You can’t be young forever, but you can try.


Yung Simmie

Reppin’: Miami, Florida
The Crew: Raider Klan, Metro Zu, Spaceghostpurp’s fractured crew that included Robb Bank$, Denzel Curry, Chris Travis, Ethelwulf, Sky Lex, Eddy Jordan Yung Simmie, Amber London, Key Nyata, Dead Craig and Nell.
How Yung: As part of Spaceghopstpurp’s Raider Klan, Yung Simmie has been climbing the ranks of the generation of trap-clad internet rappers looking to get wavey on and offline.
The Hype: The producer and rapper has come to be known for his rawness and raspy southern flows over grimey, trap beats that often include bits of Miami’s Reggae and Caribbean influence sprinkled throughout.


The Lowdown: Combining mostly self-produced, cloud-rap production popularized by acts like A$AP Rocky and Spaceghostpurp, with a restrained intensity, Simmie creates a unique style of Southern-esque, trap-infused rap music.
Most likely to: Never use vowels.
Least likely to: Graduate.
Essential jams: “Splak”, “Off The Dank” Denzel Curry “Threatz” feat. Yung Simmie.
File Next To: Three 6 Mafia, Spaceghostpurp.
Links: Twitter, Facebook




Yung Lean

Reppin’: Stockholm, Sweden
Crew: Sad Boys (with producers Yung Sherman and Yung Gud), Teaholics.
How Yung: Leandoer aka Yung Lean and his Sad Boys crew have been dropping mixtapes since their grade school days, but didn’t start dropping internet bombs until 2012 when he caught the attention of rapper (and E-40’s youngest son) Issue, shortly after which he announced he would be the newest edition to Issue’s Teaholics’ roster.
The Hype: He’s 16 and has spent a lot of time listening to American hip hop. His life revolves around making music, sipping on lean and booze, playing video games and girls. His musical influences range from Eminem, Lil B and Future to more underground, artists like Raider Klan and Metro Zu. His fixation with particular aspects of American culture shape his fascinating reality that’s almost hard to believe.


The Lowdown: Yung Lean is the embodiment of rap’s take on Seapunk; dancing money sign gifs and Arizona iced tea cans in pastel colors set the backdrop for slurry rhymes about the emotional fervor that comes with living that post-adolescence/too much free time/internet obsessed/alt-rapper lifestyle. He’s also white.
Most likely to: Overdose on lean.
Least likely to: Have a sunny disposition.
Essential jams: “Hurt”, “Oreo Milkshake”, “Ginseng Strip 2002”
File Next To: Lil B, Droop-E.
Links: Twitter, Facebook


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