Yohji Yamamoto interview Dazed Digital 2014 interview Selfridges Skateboard

Why Did Yohji Yamamoto X-Ray His Skull For a Skateboard?

Head of design

Yohji Yamamoto isn’t just one of the world’ best know fashion designers, and to prove it, he recently teamed up with Selfridges, as part of their Board Games series, to design a high art skateboard. What makes the design of this skateboard unique is the fact that Yamamoto used an X-ray of his own skull to place on the board’s layout. When asked about the process of creating the board, Yamamoto’s head of planning and design, Tadashi Kubo said:

“I was just having a chat with Yohji about various things, like we always do. Actually, a lot of our inspiration comes from those everyday conversations. At that time, we were talking about how tough it was for him to endure the pressure of what people would expect after he’s retired. Obviously, his name will be carried on, maybe just as a brand or a company name, but Yohji once said in another interview that he wasn’t like all the other long-established European family businesses that keep on going for generations.”

Check out more of Yohji Yamamoto’s interview about his new Selfridges skateboard here.

Yohji Yamamoto Skull
Yohji Yamamoto skateboard
Yohji Yamamoto interview Dazed Digital 2014 interview Selfridges Skateboard

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