Yogurt Is Soft: The REAL Official Snacks of New York

Yogurt Is Soft: The REAL Official Snacks of New York

This week, Governor Cuomo and the big wigs up in Albany passed a bill making yogurt the new official snack of New York State. We’re not too keen on that side of the political process, but we’re hoping they didn’t have to expend too many tax dollars to hit us with such a blessing. Alright, we’re being a bit facetious. This actually came about for good reasons, even if it seems like its part of the whole Greek yogurt trend.

Chobani and Fage are two of the nation’s leaders in yogurt production, and they also both have plants located in upstate New York. Back in 2012, New York State surpassed California as the leader in the USA’s yogurt production, accounting for roughly 16%. Governor Cuomo commented on the announcement:

“This designation is a fitting recognition of the importance of this state’s yogurt industry, which has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, making New York the top yogurt producer in the nation. We will continue to work with New York producers and dairy farmers to build upon this progress and further strengthen this critically important industry.”

This is all good and well, but SERIOUSLY? As any other run of the mill New Yorker will tell you, yogurt ain’t it, B. We’re all for the endorsement of culture in these parts—of all varieties—but yogurt isn’t some New York shit, especially not in the five boroughs.

We took a bit of an office pool to figure out a few alternative options…options that are more along the lines of a “New York staple.”

First snack nomination–>