OBEY MTN Shepard Fairey graffiti spray can collaboration

Yes You Can Buy OBEY x MTN

Three limited edition MTN cans, packaged in a box, signed by Shepard Fairey go on sale today. Cop it like it's hot!

OBEY MTN MontanaColors spray can aerosol graffiti street art Shepard Fairey

The countdown is on to purchase one of three aerosol cans made by OBEY and MTN. According to the graf giant, hit up their e-store today between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. PST to get one of the three customized cans for $35. So act fast as if Jake is lurking. Fall back if you’re looking to come up on all three in one fell swoop. Orders are limited to one per person; only 500 made in each color of black, red, and cream with the words “Seven Feet Four Inches” printed over an OBEY graphic and “Five Hundred Twenty Pounds” beneath the name brand. This special project with MTN continues the rebranding of MontanaColors, distancing themselves from their German competitor. Collect them all, if you can.

OBEY x MTN Red Spray Can Limited Edition graffiti

Shepard Fairey OBEY MTN MontanaColors signature

OBEY MTN Shepard Fairey graffiti spray can collaboration

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