Kanye LA Mural

Yeezus Rises For Easter In LA

Yeezus is back out his coma.

Lo and behold Yeezus has risen!…well, sort of. An unknown artist has taken to a Los Angeles wall to throw up a mural depicting Mr.West depicted as the crucified Christ. Believed to have gone up on Good Friday of this hallowed week the piece is accompanied by nothing more than a message reading “The New messiah?”. While some may find all of this a bit on the sacrilegious tip keep in mind it could be the doing of the Church Of Yeezianity in an effort to establish some authenticity and legitimacy.

The interesting aspects aside from the ominous message accompanying the piece are the details. Adorned in the same garb as Jesus in depictions of his crucifixion we find the West glaring back at us stern and unforgiving – unlike the manner in which Jesus Christ is often displayed. Rather than a crown of thorns we see the gold chain – possibly jumbo Cuban links – a flavor of the times.

The most quizzical aspect of all by far would have to be the choice of footwear… a mere pair of red Converse Chuck Taylors?!?!? What does this mean? A new campaign from Adidas?!? Is someone trying to say that Kanye was crucified  and sacrificed for our collective SOLES?!?! There isn’t much more that we know nor is there much more we can tell…but um…Happy Easter!!

Kanye LA Mural

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