Wyclef, Wale, Will.I.Am–Same Guy, Right?

The Presidential race may be over, but it appears we aren’t done with the hilarious happenings related to the election. A reporter for a local news station was providing post-election coverage, and of course Will.I.Am somehow made an appearance. Seemingly omnipresent, this was the actual Will.I.Am . . . not futuristic hologram Will.I.Am.

Obviously, showing up in person wasn’t enough for the local reporter to get his name right. He confidently announced Will.I.Am as “Wyclef Jean.” Now this is enough to cause a flood of LMAO’s on the internet, but he didn’t stop there. Someone off camera advised him he made a mistake and provided him with the supposed correct name . . .  “Wale.” Granted all their names start with a W, but we’re gonna assume the mistake was made because of the other obvious attribute they have in common . . .

Needless to say, we’re still laughing over here at the Mass Appeal office.

(L-R) Will.I.Am, Wyclef, Wale. These dudes are like triplets separated at birth! Honest mistake, news guy.

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