Wu-Tang Clan “Family Reunion”

The Wu Reunion continues on wax as Masta Killa, Method Man, and Ghostface Killah celebrate the groups 20th anniversary.


Fresh off their Summer Jam reunion, the Wu-Tang Clan laces us with a new track courtesy of the Hot 97 morning show. Before hitting play, Program Director Ebro says that RZA sent him the cut, but Peter Rosenberg puts some drops on it “just in case.” (CDQ likely to follow as is the usual protocol below.)

The song is light, as Masta Killa kicks it off rapping about “love, peace, and happiness with the joy and laughter.” Method Man and Ghostface Killah round it out complete with an ODB shout out. As Ebro explained, “Because this is a 20 year, kind of a reunion year for the Wu-Tang Clan,” — Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) dropped Nov. 9, 1993 — “they’re going to drop probably some more ‘killa beez’ sounding-type things, but this is the first look.”

Play this at your own family reunion, or just partake in the Shaolin Celebration below.

Photo credit: Ariel LeBeau

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