Wu-Tang Clan “Execution in Autumn”

Summer's coming soon but were already 10 steps ahead ( Well at least song title wise). Check out the latest single from the Wu-Tang Clan " Execution in Autumn"

Wu Tang cover for their new track execution in autumn

True fans throw your W’s up! The Wu is back on the Frank Dukes produced, “Execution in Autumn.” Inspectah Deck kicks off the song, followed by Raekwon, RZA, and U-God. The killer bees paint illustrious pictures and drop science with lines like, “Niggas is Norbits, run up in a dice game call it” and “I put ideas on tracks, footprints I walk on earth and appear on maps.” The track gives us that classic Wu feeling, with soul samples and stream of conscious story telling. Die-hard fans are still waiting for the 20th anniversary album, A Better Tomorrow, to drop later this year. However, you can purchase the MP3 or 7-inch vinyl for this single on Soul Temple Music.

Wu Tang group photo

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