Samantha Beau Caesar Write Of Passage Spoken Word

Write of Passage Presents: Words Up

"Style is what we feel is our Mass Appeal." - Samantha "Beau" Caesar

Our 2013 Write of Passage program with Red Bull Studios New York granted us the opportunity to enlist a brilliant team of 12 emerging artists to participate in the inaugural run of lectures, workshops and screenings. Of those 12, visual artist Samantha “Beau” Caesar of New York City, also came on board with her unique talent of spoken word poetry. A product of Urban Word NYC, Beau, blessed us with a one of a kind poem reflecting on the prolific nature of graffiti and its grace beyond the walls. Check out Write of Passage Present: Words Up and tune into the vibrations of the rebel class.

Samantha Beau Caesar Write Of Passage Spoken Word

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