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Write Of Passage 2013

Mass Appeal and Red Bull Studios New York invite you to explore Writing culture and American Graffiti.

Hard work pays off.  And all summer long we’ve been working with Red Bull Studios New York and a legitimate roundtable of graffiti experts, writers and archivists to build Write of Passage, an exploration of American graffiti’s impact on global culture – and the first graffiti-oriented program of its kind. We’re talking access to the history of a culture so underground that it continues to be cloaked and often misunderstood by mass media and the mainstream.

From October on into November – we alongside Red Bull Studios New York – will facilitate a six-week graffiti intensive, comprised of one-of-a-kind exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures and panels. Delving deep into the history of “Writing culture,” Write of Passage will also give 12 hand-selected emerging artists (some of which were selected in partnership with NYC at-risk youth organizations “Paint Straight” and “Art Start NYC”) the opportunity to learn about firsthand accounts and technique from important figures inside of the culture.

We’re honored, humbled and excited about this moment in time. Mark our words, this will be one for the books – be it writer’s black books or the author and reading kind. Until then, have a look at our special Write of Passage trailer featuring original illustrations from our man, Greg “SP” Lamarche.

For more information on Write of Passage workshops and exhibition check out our dedicated launch page at massappeal.com/writeofpassage.

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Write Of Passage Cans

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