Mom Mural Graffiti In The Chi Will Become Parent's Responsibility

Write Graffiti? Chicago PD Will Sue Your Mom

Ya moms aint safe, B.

Chicago is going to new lengths to quell the current graffiti “issue” in the Windy City. We previously told you about the removal of the Hyde Park Wall, and with the cost of graffiti removal on city transportation continuing the rise, local officials are prepared to do the unthinkable. They’re going after your moms, B Joe. Real talk.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, officials are taking to the courts to start doling out lawsuits to guardians instead of the folks caught with the cans, who tend to be minors in the eyes of the law,

Anti-graffiti civil lawsuits against parents are the first of their kind filed by the CTA, using the Illinois Parental Responsibility Law, which authorizes “recovery of damages from parents or legal guardians’’ for up to $20,000 “due to the willful injury to person or property by minor children.’’

With property damage in the city hitting around $1 million last year, it’s no surprise the city feels the need to take such drastic measures. Greg Hull of the American Public Transportation Association feels like the plan will work – even if it happens to be on some Inception shit – claiming, “Taking steps to make families responsible will affect the psychology of those involved in graffiti.’’

Think they won’t go through the plan the next time you pick up that can or marker? They don’t, and are even offering parents payment plans to help the city re-up on those property damage funds.

Mom Mural Graffiti In The Chi Will Become Parent's Responsibility

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