Work In Progress Skate Jam Recap

Watch skaters rip through Manhattan's largest and unfinished skatepark.

New York City’s commitment to skatepark development has increased exponentially over the last few years. So it’s no surprise that the borough of Manhattan alone looks to accumulate a whopping four parks come 2014, when its latest (and largest) park, Alexander Hamilton Bridge Skatepark in northern Manhattan, gets finished.

Now, although the park isn’t technically finished, it isn’t a secret (your favorite skate blogs know) that skaters from far and wide travel to rip around the most amazing, crude and unfinished brick banks this side of town. Why? Because that’s what skate rats do. They make it happen. Any opportunity to roll on those four wheels, and we’re in!

With this attitude in mind, Mass Appeal, alongside our sponsors (Red Bull, Zoo York, Shut, 5Boro, AM, Sleep, Mosaic NY, The Rat Collective, Affluent Clothing, Mira CoNYo), got together to throw down the appropriately named “Work In Progress” skate jam – an informal jam session meant to introduce the skatepark before winter really kicked into high gear. Judging from the snow we’re experiencing in the Big Apple this week, we couldn’t have been more on time.

Check out our video recap of the impromptu and energetic jam – construction cranes included. Make sure to also check out our interviews with Zoo York and Shut team riders Dave “Black Dave” Willis and Pat Hoblin, who recount their own excitement about the new park.

Photos Ruben Henriquez

Work In Progress Skate Jam Sweep

Work In Progress Skate Jam Crane

Work In Progress Skate Jam Ledges

Work In Progress Skate Jam Volcano

Work In Progress Skate Jam Overhead Shot

Work In Progress Skate Jam Flip Ledge

Work In Progress Skate Jam Product Toss

Work In Progress Skate Jam Hands

Work In Progress Skate Jam Empty Banks

Work In Progress Skateboard Hands Feature Image

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  • TroyBrownTV

    This makes me wish I could skateboard. Baltimore needs to get skate parks like this one. Skate parks and basketball courts