Woman Gets Run Over By Three NYC Subway Trains, Escapes With Broken Shoulder

Woman Run Over by Three NYC Subway Trains Escapes With Broken Shoulder

The luck of the Irish.

People getting hit by subway trains in New York City is unfortunately a common occurrence. However, it’s not often a person gets run over by subway trains and live to tell the tale. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Mary Downey, a 22-year-old Irish woman from Woodlawn who was struck by three subway trains early Sunday morning.

Downey was reportedly drunk when she fell onto the subway tracks in Times Square at around 6:00 AM Sunday morning, but managed to situate herself on the tracks so that the N train passed over her. According to the New York Post, the first train was only the beginning.

After the first train passed over her, Downey continued to lie helplessly on the track bed of the empty station as yet another train operator unknowingly drove over her, too, according to police, who said she was conscious through much of the terrifying ordeal.

Downey wasn’t discovered until the third train’s operator spotted what he thought was a piece of trash on the tracks. It was actually Downey’s hand waving for help, sources said.

The third train operator stopped the train, but not before it had partially passed over Downey. She was rescued and taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she was treated for a fractured shoulder.

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Woman Gets Run Over By Three NYC Subway Trains, Escapes With Broken Shoulder

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