Wolfman Black

Koreatown oddity unmasked.

Photo by Trevor Traynor

This summer, we were out in Los Angeles eating hamburgers and crate digging with the long-haired beat monster Jonwayne when he put us onto the mysterious luminary Koreatown Oddity and his latest project 100 Tree Rings. He wears a wolf mask. His beats are dusty and his words are potent, perfect content to live on rare cassette tapes and wax. With projects like Eat a Dead Goat and No Health Insurance, K-Town Odd has proven to be a thinker and observer, on a mission “to save the Western world from wackness.” Enough from us though, you can learn more about K-Town from his exclusive hand written verse below.

Koreatown Oddity Lyrics 1Koreatown Oddity Lyrics 2


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