Lil B Wiz Khalifa Kelly Rowland

Wiz Khalifa, Lil B, and Kelly Rowland Talk Fashion

The streets are talking in this on-the-street interview with Lil B, and Wiz Khalifa, and Kelly Rowland in Times Square.

“Seams” (as in material, get it?) hard to believe that such a dream combo of people would come together–but WE pulled it off. Mass Appeal is out in these streets and we bumped into Kelly Rowland, Wiz Khalifa and Lil B in front of a T.G.I Friday’s, dropping science on music and hot, happening clothing brands. Kelly didn’t fully understand what Lil B said at one point, and she goes on to make a MAJOR fashion faux pas! (we STILL love you Kelly, in spite of the Nelly thing).

Lil B Wiz Khalifa Kelly Rowland

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