Win Tickets to Rock The Bells San Bernardino

Win a pair of tickets to Rock The Bells San Bernardino.

This (Aug. 18) and Sunday (Aug. 19) Rock The Bells hits the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, CA and we’re giving away a pair of tickets to hip-hop’s premier festival to a lucky Mass Appeal reader.

This year’s line-up is a wet dream for fans of all types; featuring backpack, trap rap, and everything in between. Saturday’s bill features sets by Kid Cudi, DMX, 2Chainz, El-P, Black Hippy, Immortal Technique, Method Man, and Redman just to name a few. Sunday’s shows include performances by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, Hieroglyphics crew, The Hit Squad, Nas and more.

Yes, we know your boner for good hip-hop is about to explode in your proverbial pants but before that happens, be the first to leave a comment below and you just might win two tickets to both days.

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  • wahoo!

  • RTB!!!

  • austin walker

    i want tickets

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  • Did I win?

  • Alan Banh


  • Doyle

    RTB is the best!

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  • austin walker

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  • pick me. thanks

  • Missy

    Cant wait for this!

  • Angel

    Rock the bells!!

  • Brittanidarcelle

    Dying to get to RTB 2012

  • Dominique rocha


  • =)

  • Aziel

    Meeeee!!!!!!! I’ve been dying to win!!!!

  • I already commented wtf !

  • ME

  • Althearose


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  • damnit

  • i really want to see ice cube and tyga!!!!

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  • Am I too late?

  • Eddy

    Aye this is dope as g. Black hippy

  • I was the first YAY

  • i Was First!!!

  • nark

    conselation prize?

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  • codyloc

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  • Mass Apeal <3

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  • Arianna


  • i want tickets please:)

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  • Mamajams


  • zmotts


  • kendall

    how about top 2?! =D I live in SB ! driving by the orange show is killinggg meeeee

  • Put me on

  • I’m loving this!!!

  • Queengee4


  • Terasita

    Do I win tickets now?

  • Damn I didn’t hit the post button. I was first almost!

  • zmotts

    i would have been first comment but i hasd to make a name!

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  • JMV

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  • LisaMarie

    I hate missing this year…

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  • Rock the bells tickets! I need them :/

  • Geecudder

    I wanna go soo badly!

  • Ugh. I wanted to win:(

  • yvonne macias


  • Blaznbaygrl

    no line up for Bay area yet?

  • mike

    This i.s going to be sick

  • Awesome!

  • Joaquin Maya

    aw shit!! how can i get my hands on these tickets? i live 10 minutes away

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  • mario asi nomas

    going to be sick!!!!!

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  • lindsey

    Comments keep appearing and disappearing so it’s hard to tell whose comment was first… ?

  • Raul

    1st? 🙂

  • thanks a bunch mass appeal!

  • Let me a get them tickets for my birthday this saturday. No BS I’ll show proof. I’m gonna drive 4 hrs to get there thats how dedicated I am.

  • Scroll to the bottom. you’ll see i was 1st

  • KidRudy

    Woooo let me get them tickets plz! 🙂

  • i want tickets!!!!!

  • <3

  • Hip hop!

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  • What’s good?

  • Richie G

    RTB 2012! been talking about going for the past 3 years and even this year it might not be possible for me, but i know it’s going to be one hell of a show! 2 days, a star line-up AND the possibility to win tickets!? That is a weekend worth talking about for years to come! RTB 2012!

  • Can I please win tickets! I wanna see some of the artist that helped me get through cancer.! Well there music. PLEASE!

  • Adam

    I wanna go!

  • Rock the bells!! Never been pick me!

  • 🙂

  • Lyris

    Did I win? Pretty please!

  • Austin u Lost dude. I was first. I’ve been going to Rock the Bells since the first one. Withe The Wu-tang clan when ODB was all fucked up.

  • Damien

    YO!!! rtb is the business! always has been!

  • soo technically i was the first, what do i win?

  • Kid Cudi is my favorite and ive never seen him CUDLIFE!

  • Raul

    Damn 🙁

  • when are you gonna announce that i won the tickets?

  • K.M

    RTB!!! 😀

  • kyle augustine


  • tay

    Lemme get.those tix haha

  • leticia washington

    Can’t wait < the line up RTB 2012

  • 666

    Clearly the winner is picked arbitrarily because comments keep being deleted and there is no way of any of us knowing who was first. Illuminati shit.

  • Tell me I won?!?!

  • Oh man fml lol i want to goooo !!!

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  • leticia washington

    Can’t I just win a RTB SHIRT thanks

  • Andre20

    I hope i win!

  • Fuck yall i was first

  • T_matt87

    RTB 2012!!!

  • its my bday this saturday. It’ll be the best birthday ever if i win these tickets.

  • Nah bs aside … I have an extra ticket i need to get rid of .. 190 hmu if u need one .. live in Pasadena near the metro goldline .. Legit ticket shipped directly from rtb

  • Tickets please. Would really be nice. PLease!

  • hope its good , would love to win tickets to hipp hops greatest event!

  • krysti0711

    i want to go

  • Pick meee! I never win anything! & I wanna go sooo bad!

  • monumental lineup! Best rock the bells yet!

  • Vicky

    20 mins late, damn lol

  • Luis Lopez

    Hopefully I can go. This would be my first Rock the Bells!!

  • I want tickets!

  • who is the winner??

  • I really want to go!!!!

  • Slacker

    Hip Hop Lives!

  • I need these tickets!!! please!!

  • Trying to get these for my friend before he gets shipped out to the Navy. I hope I win!

  • kristoner


  • I want to win! Atmosphere, meth and red, murs, the grouch, eli, ice cube! All about the real hip hop

  • Lori

    I want tickets – how do you get them

  • I wanna see 2chainz, this would be good to win, cause my ex would be so jealouse

  • Celenia

    Ahhh can I just win them plzzz I wanna see Kid Cudi Kdot JCole Ice Cube :))



  • Del, Hiero, Atmosphere, Murs, and so many other great hip hop acts I can’t even begin to describe my excitement! Please! tickets would be truly amazing

  • Choose me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase 🙂

  • Lana Ho


  • Joser


  • Nicole bag of funk

    My tickets were stolen! Please pick me!

  • Matt Velten

    Gotta see Cudi

  • Is there still time to win tickets?? Ahhhh!!

  • LedZep2050


  • Shshelly

    I need that soul music!
    Kid Cudi FTW!!

  • MA


  • Costa Rica is in the West Coast/Cali Cali!!
    We Lova Ya!!!
    Please let me be the lucky one to win te tickets please!!
    Let me meet face to face the Legends of Rap & Hip Hop!

    I wanna take the experience to Costa Rica & let me let them know about what my feeling into music feels..
    Please Mass Appel Give the chance!

    Thanks you for the chance,

    Best Regards,
    Ronny E.