Willis Earl Beal’s “Principles of a Protagonist”


Musician and artist Willis Earl Beal brings the doom and gloom of the windy city to life in his animated short film Principles Of A Protagonist. The short tells the tale of an introspective individual trying to make sense of the world around him – before it ends. Devastating storms move through the city of Chicago, and we find the protagonist sequestered in his apartment alone with his thoughts. As he begins reviewing his principles, ranging from maxims about acting on intentions, to rules on personal hygiene, the viewer discovers the protagonist’s ideologies may be a bit misanthropic and detached. Chaos encapsulates the city, but our hero can’t help but indulge his more animalistic instincts.

Watch Willis Earl Beal’s film Principles Of A Protagonist above, and afterwards head to his website to check more of his work.

Principles of a Protagonist gloomy city

Principles of a Protagonist Willis Earl Beal and Lionel Ritchie

Principles of a Protagonist Willis Earl Beal watches television

Principles of a Protagonist Willis Earl Beal sits with his girl on a couch

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