William Aston “Bulletproof” (Prod. by Nard Noir)

Young Philly spitter William Aston bosses up on his latest track "Bulletproof."

William Aston bulletproof artwork

Up-and-coming Philadelphia rapper William Aston just dropped his latest single, “Bulletproof.” After dropping his previous mixtapes Mr.Aston and Ready Since Day 1, the young Philly boy lets listeners know that his carbon fiber swagger can’t be touched. Aston bosses up and boasts a flow full of  bravado over the Nard Noir produced track, with lines like:

Got my own crib / don’t need nobody permission / I was on a mission and brought it into existence / Got your girl in my kitchen, half-naked washing dishes

When we asked about the track and his music, he described it as:

 “Day-of-the-week-music.” Simply meaning, when you wake up on Monday you might not feel the same on Friday some days you’re sad; some days you’re happy. This particular track is made to cruise in the car.

I can’t really put my finger on it but there is something unique about William Aston. It could be that classic twang most Philly rappers have in their dialect, or maybe it’s his exuding confidence which plants his ownership over this track. Whatever it is, I like it and feel its only the beginning for the young emcee.

William Aston lakers jersey

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