Will new biopic “Jobs” live up to the legacy of Steve Jobs?

The trailer looks good, but will it live up to the legacy of the Apple co-founder.

The trailer for the new Steve Jobs movie is good… too good.

Only two years after the passing of Apple’s co-founder and CEO, Open Road Films will release the film, Jobs; a biopic that will depict the life and legacy of the late Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutcher will play the lead role as the film delves into the baby stages of the Apple Empire, from its failures to its modern-day success.

Many recognize Steve Jobs as one of the forefathers of modern technology. While some debate how substantial his direct contributions have been, there is no doubt that Jobs influence changed the course of modern technology. From the looks of the short trailer, the film will focus on Steve Jobs in a positive light. The question at hand is if the biopic will paint an accurate picture of Jobs life not only as a mogul, but also as a man. So far, critics have mixed feelings on the production and have called it both “tame“ and “entertaining.” Most critics share the same concern for the films accuracy.

The movie does look intense, and may be one of those films where you leave the theater wanting to change the world or buy more Apple products.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming film, Jobs.

jobs biopic.jpg

Steve Jobs new bio pic Jobs

Steve Jobs Jobs bio pic

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