Wu-Tang Clan's album Once Upon A Time in Shaolin

Will Fans Liberate Wu-Tang Clan’s New Album From Its 5 Million Dollar Chamber?

By Wu fans, for Wu fans.

We previously posted about how Wu-Tang Clan’s decision to release only one copy of their new album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin (for $5 million dollars no less), has been a controversial one. While some argue that by doing so Wu-Tang is restoring music to a level of exclusivity reserved for other forms of art, many fans are bemoaning the fact that they may have to listen to the album in one sitting at museums and tours included in part of the album’s pre-release plan. Instead of complaining, however, two fans are taking the situation into their own hands. Russell Meyer and Calvin Okoth-Obbo have started a Kickstarter page in hopes of raising enough capital to purchase the album.

Upon raising enough money to purchase the album, Meyer and Obbo intend to give the at digital copy of the album to all the backers. The hope is that through this Kickstarter, the fans will get their album, Wu-Tang will get their money, and everyone wins.

Wu-Tang Clan's album Once Upon A Time in Shaolin

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