Why Dudes Hate Drake opinion piece

Why Dudes Hate Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is the rapper everyone hates to love, and for good reason.

Drake in a blue suit

Aubrey Drake Graham is one of the most hated on rappers in the industry, and for good reason: He does what other artists are scared to do. The singsongy tracks rappers want to record – but won’t because they’re scared of being called “soft” – are a staple in the Canadian MC’s catalog. Write down a list of emotions a girl’s made you feel, chances are Drake has a song about it. However, he is also arguably one of the most successful rappers in the game, which makes his plethora of braggadocios bangers bothersomely unrelatable.

In an industry where showing emotion makes you a “pussy” (by the way, Drake has a song about that), it’s easier to rap about money, groupies, and drugs you’re trying than it is to discuss rejection and heartbreak. I’m willing to bet that the same people calling Drake “soft” have at least three of his tracks on their iPod right now. So, why do the same people that hate on Drizzy, listen to his music? Because it’s catchy as fuck!

Drake on Degrassi

Think about the last time you used “started from” in a sentence, without thinking about “Started From The Bottom.” (While I’ll agree that Drake’s perception of “the bottom” might be a little skewed, there’s no denying that the odds are against you when you’re a half-black, Jewish, former Canadian television star trying to make it as a rapper.) The hooks are infectious, the beats bang, and girls love Drake (and Beyonce), which means your local DJ will be giving Drizzy’s tracks heavy rotation. Even his features get mad love. Would you even know about Migos if Drake wasn’t on “Versace”?

Here’s the main problem, guys find Aubrey’s simp tracks so relatable that when Drake shows up and starts stunting they’re confused and annoyed. Like, “Dude, you were just rapping about a girl that left you, and now you’re talking about how you fucked a girl that used to babysit you?” The back-and-forth is a little annoying. However, what dude doesn’t try and stunt on the girl that left him once he finds a new chick, especially if she’s a model? I’m not here to be on some “leave Drake alone shit,” I’m just saying let’s be real. While most can empathize with “Heartbreak Drake,” none will know what it’s like to date Rihanna. Dudes want to relate to Drake, but then he stunts on them.

And for that they say, “Drake, you’s a soft-ass, corny-ass dude.”

Drake and rihanna together

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Why Dudes Hate Drake opinion piece

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  • spidertical1

    WOW. How muck did Drake pay these sites like Complex and Mass Appeal to write these favorable articles about him. What a joke.

  • Idiots huh

    No we hate him cause he raps about he hard even though we all know he soft I for one don’t give to shits about a rapper spreading their feelings tho he just way to much and has to sing I know a lotta rappers who rap their feelings and don’t have to sing Ab soul for one on book of soul

  • Dalton

    You hit the nail on the head w the Canadian Jewish tv star singing about starting from the ‘bottom’? Really? Bottom of the upper echelon doesn’t count. That n his being a sports front runner whore makes me hate him as a person, I don’t even listen to his music, just dislike his person.

  • blounf

    drake is a soft pussy in a (used to be) hardcore environment

  • GBRL

    F+Kc Rap nowadays… I miss the old sh*t so much …