ATL Twins Gourmet Footwear Skateboarding

Why Didn’t I Know That The ATL Twins Skated?

These turn ups actually turn tricks!

Hold up. Hold my phone! And my beeper! And my two-way! When did this happen? Since when in the fuck did the infamous gold-grillin’, corn-rollin’, white party boys known as the ATL Twins skate? Has this always been their thing? I’m sort of at a loss for words here. Can you tell?

Here I was assuming that these jokers were nothing more than the byproduct of a “post-racial,” social media-drenched, brave New America – but lo and behold, these mofos are whipping out nollie (or switch) 5-O grinds in Brandon Biebel’s (Girl Skateboards) skatepark at the :44 mark of this new #MoneyClothesBros video for Gourmet Footwear. I’m shocked into approval here.

Dear Sidney and Thurman Sewel, aka the ATL Twins, aka my beloved Turn Up Twins, Rat Lord did not know that you skated. Had he known, he would’ve taken your gold grills and nine-inch wangs a lot more seriously and been checking for you a long time before all of the modeling and ironic hipster magazine spreads. The end.

Be sure to watch the video up top and be as amazed as I was.

Update: I was just informed that the ATL Twins used ride/flow heavy for Stevie Williams and DGK in the early 2000s. Not to mention, put out some tight edits. Go figure. But still to my point, the streets want more skate from these turn ups. More, I say! *Cracks whip*

ATL Twins Mugs

ATL Twins Skate 5-0 Grind

ATL Twins Walk

ATL Twins Gourmet Shoes

ATL Twins Gourmet Footwear Skateboarding

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  • Darren

    Do they skate? Theres not on shot that shows them skating…

  • Rat Lord

    Peep the :44 mark. And they have clips on YouTube for sure!