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Why A New York City Beef Patty Is Good For Skateboarding

If you enjoy raw, no frills East Coast skateboarding you'll enjoy a cheap lunch and good session with "Beef Patty!"

New York City beef patties are cheap. $2.00 perhaps? $3.50 with coco bread maybe. Definitely $5.00 tops! The generic ones are terrible for you, and they contain about as much real meat as the entire Taco Bell menu. Steer clear of those and seek the real deal Jamaican patties, the stuff that generic patties are based on. There’s an uber-flakey crust and loads of spicy soft ground beef in between. Why the infatuation with them all of a sudden, you ask? Well, because they’re like the Big Apple’s Caribbean version of pizza — the poor-man’s (or skater’s) go-to meal, if you know what I’m saying.

Food Beef Patty White Yellow Lunch

And ain’t nobody poorer than my crew… of motley skaters that spends its days sniffing out obscure spots to wreck havoc on and steal flakey bites from. Not ragging anyone’s income level but proletariat skateboarding’s a lot like utilitarian dining. Like a good old-fashioned beef patty — it’s simple, you can devour it with one hand, you won’t burn your wallet acquiring it, and it’ll suffice the hunger. That’s why, thanks to Vans, Sundays Skate Zine and Skate Jawn, there’s Beef Patty, a 20-minute edit of what’s right about the skateboard scene right now. No, there aren’t any big shoe company endorsed pros. Yes, there are a slew of blue-collar street spots meant to give every up-and-coming East Coast skateboarder inspirational seasoning to sprinkle onto their economic lunch. This is the kind of stuff that makes us shine.

Sure, Street League’s great for media ties and skateboarding on a global scale, but the local community’s got to sustain itself too. So forget sponsors and fancy meals for a sec and grab a VX1000 (if you can find and repair one) or any janky-ass camera and just film some good stuff with some good homies. Trust me, dudes like filmer Johnny Wilson and featured video riders Kevin Winters, Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Paul Tucci, Cyrus Bennett, John Choi, Jacob Gottlieb, Nik Stain, Daniel Stone, Lurker Lou, Ben Kadow, Kevin Maillet, John Franco, Jason Byoun, Wilkie, Alex Horn, Kevin Green, Chris Sarte, Zach Gesko, Colin Sussingham, Genesis Evans, Conor Prunty, Jordan Gesko, Jordan Zuppa, Sean Dahlberg, Sergio Rodas, Brad Hendrickson, Pat Galloway Dylan James, Jed Anderson, Johnny Wilson, and Mitchell Wilson will respect you. And maybe even buy you a proper patty for your poor-man troubles.

Skateboarding Lurker Lou Shorts Beard Beef Patty Video

Skateboarding Hat Curb Block New York City Beef Patty Video

Skateboarding Stairs Set Shorts Trick Beef Patty video

Curb Block Skateboarding Black New York City

Jamaican Patty Pasty Beef Skateboarding

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