Whoa, Beyonce Interviewed Solange

"And I appreciated y'all's patience in the house during all of these different phases"

Beyonce’s relationship with Solange has been under the microscope since 2014. The whole elevator thing. In 2016, both artists had monstrous, self-centering years, and in the process, reaffirmed their sisterhood for the public. In April, Beyonce is a headliner at Coachella, and in July, Solange is a headliner at its East coast sister festival, Panorama. It’s been a fascinating and magical last 12 months for the Knowles household, and courtesy of Interview magazine, Beyonce and Solange themselves give us an intimate look at how they got to this point.

A conversation between essential, cultural figures has long been a hallmark of Interview’s journalism style, and pairing the sisters together couldn’t come at a better time. In the story, the Knowles sisters reflect on important moments from their childhood that heavily influenced their roles as adults. “I remember having so much perspective about my voice, and how to use my voice, at such a young age—whether it was through dance, poetry, or coming up with different projects,” says Solange, to her sister. “I guess I always felt a yearning to communicate—I had a lot of things to say. And I appreciated y’all’s patience in the house during all of these different phases.”

The two sisters share an important moment later on in the interview, when Beyonce draws a comparison between Master P–who is featured on Solange’s chart-topping A Seat At the Table album–and their father, Matthew Knowles. It’s a parallel that Solange agrees with. “One of the things that was really, really deep for me in talking to Dad is his experience of having the community choose you [as one of the first students to integrate his Southern elementary and junior high school]—to do that, to go out and be the warrior and the face of that is just such an incredible amount of pressure.” She continued on to explain the importance of the result of that process. “And to evolve from that and still have your sense of independence and still have your stride and your strength, and to dream big enough that you can create something from the ground up bigger than any community, neighborhood, or those four corners … I remember reading or hearing things about Master P that reminded me so much of Dad growing up.”

Beyonce is up for 9 Grammys next month, thanks to her Lemonade album, and Solange is up for her first Grammy for the incredible “Cranes In the Sky.” You can read their full conversation over at Interview.


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