Supreme 5 Panel Black Hat Girl

Who Gives a Fuck About Supreme?

Supreme Clientelevision.

Established in 1994 — the quintessential last “golden-era” of everything according to just about every 30-to-45-year-old savvy New Yorker — Supreme holds steadfast as one of the most influential skate/streetwear brands in the galaxy. People in high-fashion know it, kids on the corner know it, and pop cultural icons from as far and wide as Keith Richards, Mike Tyson, and Kate Moss have been associated with it, thus also “knowing” it.

Created by outliers for outliers, even in 2014 – the streetwear brand’s 20th anniversary – the Supreme anti-establishment aesthetic and ethos continues to reach a consumer status of epic and ironic proportions. Yet motherfuckers still don’t seem to know or admit why they like/cherish/buy it so much. Blame it on the marketing. Blame it on the Internet. Blame it on the hypebeasts. Or just charge it to the game.

Whatever the case, Mass Appeal hit ground zero – the Supreme New York flagship store – to get answers straight from the horses’ mouth. We interviewed locals, tourists, moms, and grown men – all drawn like moths to the one source that makes so many form the infamous “line.” Check out their answers in the video above and get enlightened, or not…

Supreme 5 Panel Black Hat Girl

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  • Poc

    Disgusting. Supreme is bullshit and has become a part of the corporate monster. True skaters will wear any beat up old sweater or snapback. True skaters don’t care how they look enough to wait online for some bullshit clothes that are overpriced just for having a logo.

  • Young Melon

    Shout out to that mom for waiting in line. That’s really nice of her.

  • Guest

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  • TANK