What Arby’s Is Planning To Do With Pharrell’s Hat

The roast beef restaurant paid big bucks for that famous hat.

If you don’t already know, Pharrell wore a big hat to the Grammys. Let’s be real, you definitely know.

It wasn’t just for attention. Well, maybe it was at first. But then, Pharrell decided to continue to be an inspiration to us all and auction his hat off for charity on eBay. And who bought the head gear for $44,100? None other than Arby’s, the US restaurant chain famous for their logo of a big hat that happens to look a LOT like Pharrells! It makes perfect sense.

We spoke with Arby’s PR representative Jason Rollins to find out what Arby’s is planning to do with their new possession. So where is the hat going to go exactly? “Arby’s is still determining exactly where the hat will go next, however, we’re very happy to have it back [from the stage at the Oscars].” Rollins explains. “We are looking forward to future opportunities to work with Pharrell and his foundation to raise the visibility for our shared cause of helping youth.”

“We are excited that the money raised through the auction is going to a good cause that’s close to our heart – improving the lives of youth,” said Paul Brown, Arby’s CEO. “The Arby’s Foundation mission is to help end youth hunger in America, and since its inception in 1986 we have contributed nearly $60 million. We are looking forward to future opportunities to work with Pharrell and his foundation to raise visibility for our shared cause.”

Who knew that a hat could potentially help children in need? Well apparently Pharrell did. And that’s not the end of it. “We have an open dialogue with Pharrell’s camp regarding potential future partnership” Rollins explained.

Well there you have it! For those of you who thought that Arby’s was going to do a commercial with Pharrell dancing and singing with Daft Punk at Arby’s you were wrong. Oh wait, that was just me.

Lindsey loves hats. She wears them often. But mostly beanies. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram here.

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