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They see you before you see them. By the time they grab your attention, all else is irrelevant. The glue that holds them to a surface is now applied to your frontal lobe, hoping that you’ll remember them seconds after your eyes have moved on. They, are the stickers of the world. These powerful tools of guerrilla promotion are often unsanctioned forms of advertisement impeding on public, paid advertisement space, and homes. The city or neighborhood locals put forth great efforts to remove what they would consider visual disturbance like graffiti. Armed with razor blades, you can see them scraping the sides of stop lights cleaning off the orgy of stickers clamoring for a glance. It’s a temporary solution, like the way the Graffiti-Free NYC power washes graf from the streets. But like we said, it’s only temporary. It’s a cycle that will continue forever-ever. Check Mass Appeal daily as we document sticker culture. Behind their shameless promotion in the physical realm, there probably also lies its digital presence as a website, Tumblr, or Twitter handle. That’s what’s up.



Graphic: Pere Borrell del Caso’s “Escaping Criticism

Location: Seen along Wooster St., NYC

Adjoined Adhesives Above: AGENT COULSON LIVES, KRUSSIA,


Context: A few weeks ago, when we posted a video about Brusspup’s optical illusion, we added some perspective pointing to the “Escaping Criticism” painting. Meanwhile we saw the image of the boy climbing through the picture frame around NYC. It’s a mere coincidence that the painting and WELURKLATE made its way onto Mass Appeal at the same damn time. However, there seems to be a third layer to this story: WELURKLATE is not to be confused with Joey Gallagher’s “This Is Not The New LURKERS” video that dropped a few months ago. Lurking is just a universal term used by these ambitious wanderers of NY. Like Gallagher, WELURKLATE is killing it in the promo dept. According to their Twitter feed, they’re dropping a line of T-shirts soon. Keep your eyes peeled for ’em.

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