Well$ “Savoir-Faire”

Charlotte rapper Well$' and his nana got style. Peep the Jordans!

Charlotte’s own Well$ recently dropped the first video, “Savoir-Faire,” from his upcoming mixtape, MTSYD: Revenge of The African Booty Scratcher. While the young rapper’s flow is fresh as hell – backed with strong production from THE BL∆CK HE∆RTS CLUB – it’s the cameo from his grandma that takes the visuals to the next level. Chilling at the crib in a pair of Jordan’s (no less) while Well$ spits along to the beat, this lady has steez to match any of her younger homies.

Speaking on his grandma’s part the young rapper said, “We just intended to have her in a few shots. She pretty much stole the show… it was funny seeing her vibing to the music. It wasn’t rehearsed at all.”

Peep the video above and watch out for the release of MTSYD: Revenge of The African Booty Scratcher in April.

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