Welcome to Rawluck

The year is 2022, divided by resources, Toronto has become a desperate place. Welcome to Rawluck.

Brian Gregory, one of the founders of Toronto urban arts organization The Remix Project, has launched a new multi-media web series entitled “Welcome to Rawluck.” The project features the visions of Toronto’s young and raw talent, who hail from the city’s disadvantaged, marginalized and underserved communities. The multimedia web series builds a narrative of a dystopian Toronto in the year 2022 through different mediums of art and storytelling including film and photography. “Welcome to Rawluck” premiered earlier this week with four episodes, but will be releasing monthly episodes beginning Oct. 15th.

In episode two (directed by Brian Gregory) the spotlight focuses on a young man named Chin. The young father-to-be struggles with the trials and tribulations of making wrong and right decisions during a rough economy. Chin’s side hustles find him out of a job and back on the streets, giving viewers a taste of what it’s like in the troubled Toronto future.

Let us know what you think about the project and check out the other episodes of “Welcome To Rawluck” here.

Welcome-to Rawluck epiode 2

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