Toy Boarders Back Skateboarders

Weird Wednesdays: Toy Boarders

They all fall down, but not like toy soldiers.

Every Wednesday, #OnTheGrind brings you something wild, weird and wonderful to get you over hump day. 

“Why promote war when we can let kids have positive toys that promote action sports instead of violence?” Damn straight. There’s nothing weird about love, peace and boarding, but we just think it’s wacky how traditional toy soldiers can be repurposed for the skate, snow, and surf nerd in us all. Hand-crafted with precision by actual participants of the culture, AJ’s Toy Boarders offers two series of pushers, one series of snowboarders, and one series of surfers. $5.95 gets you a pack of 24 figures in a variation of eight poses.

Toy Boarder

Surfer Toy Boarders


Toy Boarders Back Skateboarders

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  • Skyatch

    This is hilarious, because when i was a kid I used to use my toy soldiers as skate/surf/snowboarders, haha