Stacy Peralta Movie Skateboard

Weird Wednesdays: Skateboard Madness

A psychedelic claymation ride through the space/time continuum.

Every Wednesday, #OnTheGrind brings you something wild, weird and wonderful to get you over hump day. 

So it’s pretty much an accepted notion that in the realm of skateboarding there are skate gods, and those skate gods descended from the surf gods, and those surf gods blessed humankind with the cosmic ability to ride the waves created by the pull of interstellar gravity. Too far out for you? No worries, we’ll just let this animated short created by Julian Pena for Stacy Peralta’s “Skateboard Madness” (1980). Side note, Julian also worked on special effects and animation for otherworldly films such as “Tron” (1982). Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

In any case, this is as weird as it gets. Not sure if it’s the honky-tonk music intro, the fact that homeboy is clearly tripping on some psychedelic drug (or maybe it’s just the skateboarding, I could be wrong), the rats tailing him for photos, the trippy-ass, cosmic flower, breakbeat run at 1:47, surf legend Duke Kahanamoku’s cameo at 2:11, or the rip in the space/time continuum at 3:30 – but this short is cuckoo. We’re pretty sure it stems from the Brad Skinningham school of Wallows, HI gnarliness.

Skateboard Madness Julian Pena Claymation

Duke Kahanamoku Skateboard Madness Julian Pena

Stacy Peralta Movie Skateboard

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