Duck River Skateboard

Weird Wednesdays: Ducks That Skate

Dip-Skate Bird Gang.

Every Wednesday, #OnTheGrind brings you something wild, weird and wonderful to get you over hump day. 

That’s right, motherfucking ducks! What, you thought all of those street crumbs and petting zoo food was only used to fuel migration? Nah, it doesn’t go down like that. You see ducks –  being the communal, nurturing, and protective spirit animals that they are – hold their own on the water as much as they do in the air. Graceful as hell, and guardians of their remote domains, ducks are the skate rats of water. If I could be any other animal other than rat that I am, I’d be a skateboarding duck. Look at the form, look at the expression on homie’s face, he’s clearly got the killer drop-in instinct. Mini waterfall? Nah, that right there is one gnarly [river] bank and this quacker is going to get some!

Duck Skate Bank River Skateboard
Duck River Skateboard

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