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Premiere: Weerd Science “10 Smack Commandments”

Premiere: Weerd Science “10 Smack Commandments”

Hot off the presses of his latest musical project, Josh Eppard, also known as Weerd Science, beckons listeners to join him on a journey through the seedy world of heroin use. Sure, Biggie Smalls wrote about crack and how to sell it, but he and Puffy also got sued by Chuck D for that illicit use of his “Shut Em Down” countdown on the sample. But no need to worry about that here with Weerd Science however, as the track is legit and soulfully produced by Dirty Ern and Chris Bittner. And I fear that the only thing the “10 Smack Commandments” video might get charged with is full disclosure of drug use and its god-awful downsides, aka the truth!

Open up your noggin’ and get a breakdown of what happens to your social life, your sex life, and your general well-being once you start injecting that china white or lesser grades of dope. Director Carl Weston of Video Graf-infamy is accredited with the visuals on this one, and he does a hell of a good job keeping it simple and to the grim, alienated point. Pay attention homies. There’s really no hope in dope!

Needles Drugs Paraphernalia Heroin Dope
Hat Tattoo Alley Men Guys
Green Woods Nature Druggie Addict Junkie Sitting Log
Hands Shadow Black Fingers Pyramid Focuse
Junkie Forrest Woods Nature Belt Strap Heroine Addict Sitting Hit
Josh Eppard Mets Hat Rocks Hands Plead

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