Premiere: Weerd Science “10 Smack Commandments”

Weerd Science explores the step-by-step booklet on how to lose your friends, money, and credibility thanks to heroine use.

Hot off the presses of his latest musical project, Josh Eppard, also known as Weerd Science, beckons listeners to join him on a journey through the seedy world of heroin use. Sure, Biggie Smalls wrote about crack and how to sell it, but he and Puffy also got sued by Chuck D for that illicit use of his “Shut Em Down” countdown on the sample. But no need to worry about that here with Weerd Science however, as the track is legit and soulfully produced by Dirty Ern and Chris Bittner. And I fear that the only thing the “10 Smack Commandments” video might get charged with is full disclosure of drug use and its god-awful downsides, aka the truth!

Open up your noggin’ and get a breakdown of what happens to your social life, your sex life, and your general well-being once you start injecting that china white or lesser grades of dope. Director Carl Weston of Video Graf-infamy is accredited with the visuals on this one, and he does a hell of a good job keeping it simple and to the grim, alienated point. Pay attention homies. There’s really no hope in dope!

Needles Drugs Paraphernalia Heroin Dope

Hat Tattoo Alley Men Guys

Green Woods Nature Druggie Addict Junkie Sitting Log

Hands Shadow Black Fingers Pyramid Focuse

Junkie Forrest Woods Nature Belt Strap Heroine Addict Sitting Hit

Josh Eppard Mets Hat Rocks Hands Plead

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  • xdyingrosex

    Oh josh, you should be wiked weerd science ! (COTF) much love and respect for all your acomplishments

  • troy boy

    my manJosh keeping it 100 thats whats up brotha!!!

  • Buffalo_Butafuco

    DeeJay Buffalo on the cuts!!!

  • Dr.Siff

    Having a couple of brothers struggling with substance abuse this song struck tones to the soul man. Thanks for that Josh. And i’ll definitely be looking out for shows, so I hope you come to Philly soon.

  • DanAccount2

    This video and song are both great!

  • homeytheclown

    Dopest most real rapper in the game today….mac miller, sage francis, asher roth…who??? Comon this dude deserves to be heard.

  • Jona Thon

    So happy to see a 3rd music video from Weerd! This album was such an awesome follow up to Sick Kids! We seriously need more Weerd Science!

  • DROW

    Once Again my main man Josh Eppard kills it. Not only is he one of the best rappers out he is also one of the most dedicated always looking out for his fans. Amazing.

  • Dan Mancini

    Josh, this is by far your best video

  • AlyMcSpelly

    This song and video are amazing, hits you right where it hurts. You are one of a kind my dude. Start touring! And come to Philly! Much love! (COTF)

  • D Bomar

    Very good. Completely killed my interest in trying Heroin.

  • That guy

    Don’t do heroin you fuckin asshole!

  • Rono

    When they said keep it real, Josh took it to heart

  • Amanda Poole

    Its raw, honest, and amazing! Love it and can’t wait for more!

  • cambrian

    best WS vid yet. I really hope it stops anyone from living like this. youngn’s listen

  • Zach

    I met josh the other night….probably one of the most humble guys about this many accomplishments I’ve ever talked to. As far as the illogy goes, “Honestly, I’m looking forward to the next visit.”

  • Lyrah

    This song and video is totally on point. Weerd Science is taking it to the next level, and I love it. I can’t stop listening, and I can’t stop watching.

  • Truthbot

    Epic tune from one of the best Hip Hop artists around! Check out his older albums as well if Weerd Science is new to you, they will not disappoint!

  • Donut

    Once again Josh and the rest of Weerd Science kill it. Every time they come out with something new they bring their A-game and just get better and better.

  • Tony

    This track is soooo good, you just keep gettin’ better Josh!!

  • alex

    I listen to this at least once a day now. Not only is it great music, but it also has a really powerful message. Amazing job Josh. Long live the Weerd!

  • Adam

    This made me man-moist.

  • prizefighterhowland

    Awesome track! I didn’t know if Weerd Science would ever put out anything new…and if they did, if it would keep with his style. And he did. Mind = blown. Very happy.

  • Jonathan A. Flores

    Great video!!! Can’t wait for the other albums and vids to be released for this” illogy”. Thanks for being a badass rapper and drummer!! Much love for this movement!

  • findingtyranny

    Love Josh’s new album and I can only imagine how difficult it was for him to act this out given that it’s actually happened to him.

  • Jacob

    Amazing song! He really put it out on the line and showed us what he’s been through. Bad ass man!!

  • Nick Weidner

    Your best video yet.

  • TropicDave173

    Great song! And I’m not even that much of a hip-hop fan…

  • kronhop

    Cannot wait!

  • Davalosevan

    Sick vid! I was hoping your first video would be for indie rebel, but I’m totally on board with this one. Keep it up, my man!

  • jason

    ill bro!

  • EC510

    Great song!

  • Ross

    This video is so sick. Best shit you’ve done yet. When you get a second to breathe from CoCa, I expect a Weerd Science show in DC. You know you want to, rockin’ that 9:30 club shirt and all.

  • Destiny

    I could listen to this all day, so great!

  • josh f.

    mad love for weerd science! love the video

  • Vinny

    Josh has some of the most meaningful lyrics I’ve heard in a while now, he should be touring as Weerd science, rocking packed shows, and making people realize real rap still exists

  • Benjamin Kia

    Sooo tight man!!
    Claud said you’d teach me how to rap at the Demark concert 😉

  • Australiandude

    This song is awesome !!

  • Christian Frank

    Awesome song! Josh is such a gifted musician!

  • Landon

    “Try not to get high as fuck. Actually for the first year it’s great, after that you can’t get enough, and if you do get enough you probably won’t nut. You’ll fuck the skin off your dick until you’re left with a bloody stump.” That’s reason enough to not do heroin…

  • RDyson

    A daunting and debilitating task would plague me if I were to attempt to imagine a more direct and sincere display. Wonderful work!

  • TylersCloud

    Josh is one of the best rappers today. Hard to believe Weerd Science is still underground!

  • Danielle

    Your stuff is always so raw and real. This one certainly doesn’t disappoint. Love it!

  • Chris Zeus

    keep on doing what you’re doing we love it

  • Slimdagod Anderson

    Song is smack yo. A must listen. Go get em josh good work

  • Daniel Edward Matter

    This is what rap should be. josh is the definition of musician.