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Weedbnb? “Bud And Breakfast” Invites You To Literally Wake And Bake

Weedbnb? “Bud And Breakfast” Invites You To Literally Wake And Bake


I love staying in hotels. It’s very luxurious. But there’s usually one problem. There’s nowhere to smoke weed. Paying for a balcony is an option, but not everywhere is that warm outside, and rooms with balconies are more expensive. I often wonder how we can receive both the comfort of a hotel and the treat of waking and baking indoors. Finally, the day has come where everyone will wake up and bake together as one.

Bud and Breakfast Colorado

Welcome to Denver, Colorado. We already know it’s easier to get weed in Colorado than it is to get an STD in college. However, did you know that thanks to places like Adagio Bed and Breakfast in the Wyman Historic District, you can now pretty much get weed via room service? “We’ll give you a place to sleep and provide a sample [of marijuana] from the local growers” says manager Chris Carlton.

Imagine you’ve had a long dinner. You’re stuffed. Everyone knew that you shouldn’t have ordered that second chocolate cake but you were thinking yolo. The last thing you want is more sweets. Don’t fret. Adagio knows what your stomach needs. Chocolate on your pillow? Nope. Weed on your pillow.

Yes, of course, there is the chance that after you smoke the weed found on your pillow your stomach might find some room for more. Adagio’s got that covered. “Most of the time if someone has got the munchies we’ll have cookies sitting out,” Chris explains. Okay, I’m booking my flight.

Cookies Adagio Bed and Breakfast Colorado

Lucky for tourists, Adagio isn’t the only weed friendly getaway. The name explains it all at Get High Getaways, also situated in Denver, Colorado. “You can focus on fun and relaxation.  One party at a time.  Two theme rooms to choose from. Free drinks, snacks and gift baskets” boasts the hotels site. The place is $199, another inclusive package including two hot tubs, two “themed” rooms, and chauffeur service. Way to think safe! I like where your head is at, Denver.

Not into inclusive packages? Head over to Morrison, Colorado where you’ll find the Cliff House Lodge. The “bud and breakfast” includes your own personal hot tub. “The guest lifestyle includes a lazy, relaxed and unpretentious experience” says their website. Smoking joints in a hot tub? This keeps getting less believable. “We ask that you DO NOT wear clothing of any kind while in the hot tubs.” Umm, it actually says that.

Let’s hope this is just the beginning of the Weedbnb. And not just in Colorado. Who cares if it’s not legal anywhere else? This idea is incredible.

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