We Were In Sicily

Rachel Roze gets down in Sicily and has the photos and story to prove it.

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Rachel Rose Sicily Floor Rug

Photos by Rachel Roze / Words by Eriberto Oriol

The first time I met photographer Rachel Roze, what impressed me most was her spunkiness, enthusiasm, energy and willingness to challenge herself. What I loved about photographing her was that she would give it her all — and you couldn’t ask for anything more from a subject. These attributes have propelled her to become the gifted artist that she is today.

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Rachel Rose Sicily Man Woman Floor

Rachel’s photography series, “We Were In Sicily,” impressed me as well. I thought to myself, “Man, she’s got the eye.” It is a body of artwork that not only captures the culture of Italy but also gives insight into Rachel’s ability to get into the true character of the people she is photographing, as well as their natural habitats — which takes an eye that is capable of seeing the richness of life.

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Rachel Rose Sicily Sky Rooftop

Yes, Rachel is special to me because she radiates life and engages you, not only with her artwork, but more importantly with her spirit. Without a doubt, I know that Rachel’s work will take her far and beyond. Through her lens, we will gain valuable insight into who we are as people.

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Rachel Rose Sicily Bed Pose

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Rachel Rose Sicily

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