Wax Museum Crew Puma Teammates

Wax Museum Records in Puma’s Teammates Video Series

Episode 2 of Puma's Social Teammates Series parallels a thriving record store that's akin to one of New York's most famous one-stop hip-hop shops.

A few issues ago, ACCLAIM magazine tapped Robbie Ettelson from UNKUT.com to wax on Australia’s rap dilemma. He stated, “If you were raised on classic New York music, it’s more than likely that only a handful of releases from this country [Australia] are worthy of your undivided attention. But for the legions of listeners too young to know any better, rap made in their own backyard is the only way to fly.” Your mind should be as open as the Outback right now. The face of Australian-based music (along with hip-hop) is changing, thanks to Wax Museum Records. Part record store, part distribution label, the crew is being profiled for starting a new era for the homegrown talent emerging on the other side of Earth.

There’s something special about the renaissance period of the arts in Melbourne. We New Yorkers can appreciate what Wax Museum stands for, as an outpost that’s located inside a train station. Sounds familiar? The Fat Beats logo, and most of its iconography carried a subway car in its imagery, paying homage to the neighboring train station on West 4th Street. Yup, there’s something in the water between us and our friends down under. Get introduced to the Wax Museum Crew in Puma’s next episode of their Teammates series. More of their rhythmic offerings below.

Wax Museum Crew Puma Teammates


Wax Museum Crew Puma Teammates

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  • Big ups to Aux-One and the Wax Museum peeps. Dope to see some Mass Appeal love!