Black and white ollie

WATCHxWITNESS: Dew Tour Ocean City, MD

The dudes Dew it up

The WATCHxWITNESS crew were recently invited to Ocean City, Maryland for the first leg of the Dew Tour. A combination of street courses and half pipes, that apparently crash-landed on beaches from outer space filled with Skater bros, biker bros, fans, teenagers and a myriad of human beings in various shapes and colors. We walked the boardwalk amongst the assortment of characters.

Families in neon on vacation on this “family Beach,” sunburnt and draped in stuffed animals, meandering amongst the athletes with bruises and punk hair, performers with all kinds of bizarre behaviors, and photographers with bad photographs, of course.

The sun was hot but the coastal breeze kept us smiling. We ate crabs, and climbed ramps, and hung with some of the best athletes on earth. In all the experience was a great one, capturing moments in time in a park designed by people trying make a place full of warm and whimsical type vibrations, and we have the photos to prove it bud. These kids can fly.

Black and white ollie

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