Watch These Monkeys Mourn a Robot Baby Monkey

In new BBC series, hidden cameras are placed in lifelike robot creatures to see how animals really act in the wild.

After the internet (and researchers) were astounded by video clips of a snow monkey attempting to fuck a deer, the BBC has captured some equally bizarre footage of primates doing things not often seen by humans.

For the first episode of Spy in the Wild, a documentary series that uses lifelike, animatronic animals with cameras hidden inside to document behind the scenes behavior of wild animals, langur monkeys in India take in a robot baby, thinking it’s one of their own.

Everyone seems happy and it’s all good, until the advance stuffed animal is dropped from a tree and then lies motionless on the ground. The monkeys then surround it and appear to mourn the faux baby, turning the joyous little troop into a sad grieving bunch and all because humans mercilessly fooled them for the sake of entertainment. This is just heartbreaking.

RIP Baby Robot Monkey.

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