Watch The Throne Instagram

A Guide to “Watch The Throne”‘s Best Instagram Captions

If you haven't heard of the album or app, please move along.

Song: “No Church In The Wild”
Instagram: Sunglasses and Advil / Last night was mad real

Friday and Saturday nights can get out of hand. Too many popped bottles. Too many shots. Too many women. Well, probably not too many women. Regardless, the next morning, you’re feeling all types of terrible. Your body hurts in places that you didn’t even know existed. It’s a tough life stunting 24/7. But to make up for your lack of swag at that moment, just throw on a pair of sunglasses, grab a Starbucks coffee, and snap a selfie. Throw this caption under it, and all your sins from the previous night will be forgiven.

That’s My Bitch

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Watch The Throne Instagram

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