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A Guide to “Watch The Throne”‘s Best Instagram Captions

A Guide to “Watch The Throne”‘s Best Instagram Captions


Kanye West and Jay Z are two of the biggest rappers in the world, so when they came together for Watch The Throne three years ago, it was clear the album was either going to be epic or a massive disaster. Thankfully, it was impeccable. Watch The Throne had the perfect mix of pop tracks, bangers, and of course— soulful joints. It also featured two of the best lyricist in the game spitting top-notch quotables.

Around the same time that Watch The Throne dropped, an application called Instagram was bubbling heavy. The app— for the possible two of you that don’t know— lets you share your pictures with friends and caption them with a clever line. While people often use quotes from movies or television, the most popular captions were often song lyrics. With two of the best dropping a joint album at the same time, what better captions than Watch The Throne‘s lyrics?

In honor of the album’s three-year anniversary, here is a guide to the best Instagram captions from Kanye and Jay Z’s Watch The Throne.

Welcome To The Jungle


Song: “Welcome To The Jungle”
Instagram Caption: I look in the mirror, my only opponent

Instagram is all about flexing. If you’re an athlete, you post pictures of yourself in the gym. If you’re a musician, you post pictures in the studio. If you’re the President, you take selfies in the oval office. No matter what your occupation is, you’re the illest at it. There’s no better way to show your followers that you’re number one than calling yourself your only opponent.