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Watch the Music Video for Kelela’s Arca-Produced Track “A Message”

Watch the Music Video for Kelela’s Arca-Produced Track “A Message”

Kelela has shared the music video for her Arca-produced track “A Message,” off her upcoming 6-track EP, HALLUCINOGEN. The Daniel Sannwald-directed clip features cartoon lights that envelop Kelela, as well as an animated take on her persona.

HALLUCINOGEN was written over the course of two years and chronicles the life-cycle of a relationship. The project is due out May 5, which will tide fans over until the release of her debut album this fall.

Find out how Kelela and Arca originally connected, how the demo for “A Message” grew and developed into the track we have today, and watch the music video below.

I met Alejandro [Arca] on a boat in August of 2012. We sought one another out across a dance floor and within 5 minutes agreed to meet each other as soon as possible to collaborate. I had one song released to my name and had just heard one of his mixes, but we knew we’d found something in one another. We spent the next three days, 14 hours a day talking about our artistic visions and how it intersected with our personal lives, making songs that reflected that while dancing around the room to let it all out. About 5 or 6 demos were born out of these three days.

“A Message” is one of the demos that came from those sessions and it speaks to the despair that I was experiencing at the time. The initial version of the song spilled out of us in about 25 minutes. Since then, it’s been like a sculpture that I’ve come to and refined over time, adding a lyric here, refining a melody there, adding a bridge, etc. It’s a process that is now finally complete with its release and I’m so happy that I finally get to share it with all of you.