Watch Pros Skate Through Jeff King’s Roof on a Quarterpipe

Jeff King turns skateboarding into an at-home activity.

Some of us used to tag or write rhymes in the basement, while garages are usually good for starting up a band, but for if you skate there aren’t a lot of at-home options. Jeff King never heard of that limitation, so he’s catching air right through the roof of his house. The skater/snowboarder/watersports aficionado took a break from his Fuel TV “Built to Shred” hosting gig to add a sunroof and quarterpipe to his property, and invited some friends. Bob Burnquist, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Bucky Lasek and Rune Glifberg are along for the ride. No telling what happens when some rain drops eventually make an in-home cameo, though.


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