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Watch Out: FakeWatchBusta Puts Rappers’ Wrists on Blast

Don't get caught slippin'... on Instagram.

Instagram is a place where parents can show off cute pictures off their children. A medium to show how creative you can be with an iPhone. But more importantly, Instagram is a place where rappers can stunt. Show off your $50,000 watch, just make sure that shit’s real. If not, FakeWatchBusta will call you out.

FakeWatchBusta is an Instagram account created by a “dude in his 30’s from Europe” who knows a lot about watches. He uses this knowledge to bust rappers who claim to have spent crazy amounts of dough on timepieces, but are in fact wearing a fake. Some of the most popular rappers in the game have been put on blast by FakeWatchBusta including Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, and Future.

FakeWatchBusta is on a mission to bring authenticity to the hip-hop community, and that’s a beautiful thing. Too many cats stuntin’, but ain’t got nothin’.

[h/t Noisey]

FakeWatchBusta IG

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